7.62 Reciever Flat With Folding Trunnion

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This flat is for using a Bulgarian or M-13 style rear sidefolding stock/trunnion to make the so called "Khyber Pass" AK's in 7.62x39.
  • Receiver flat thickness= 1mm (.040") 
  • Material 4130 Annealed
  • Comes with bolt guide rails
  • Rails and flat need to be heat treated after bending

Reccomended rivets and center support (not included with flat)

  • AKS Underfolder Rivet Set
  • 1mm Center Support

To use these flats you will need to have a 5mm and 7mm reamer. The physics of bending sheet metal make it next to impossible to have a bend close to a hole without distorting. To solve this the holes on the flat are undersized and need to be reamed to size after bending.  

The rails that will come with the flats are pictured below. They have mag stabilizers on both rails to keep the mag from tilting and causing feed problems.  Before installing the rails you will need to trim the mag stabilizers to match the caliber of flat you are using.