M85/92 Drop-in V-Notch Peep Sight

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These M85/M92 Drop-In Peep Sights were designed to improve the shooting experience of the Yugo M85/M92 pistols.  They will have the exact same center(s) as the factory blade and do not require any drilling, grinding, or welding to install.  On the V-Notch Peep, you will have a Battle Peep as your primary, and a V-Notch Peep as the secondary.  Both Peeps will have the same center as the Battle factory blade setting.  The V-Notch Blade was designed with a vertical channel for the end user to color-fill to their preference.


Each Peep Sight order will include:

- (1) Peep Sight

- (2) Roll Pins for Pivot Pin Replacement

- (2) Ball Bearings for Detent Replacement