Fake Suppressor Barrel Extension

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This fake suppressor is precision machined from US made 6061-T6 lightweight aluminum. It is designed to add the correct length to an pistol to qualify the firearm as a long-gun (when permanently attached). Four detent slots will allow you to get a positive lock-up on your front sight block. 

Threads, through hole, and alignment surface are precisely bored true on CNC lathe to ensure alignment with threaded muzzle shroud.

* Please note: It is our experience that the muzzle shrouds are not usually perfectly true with barrel hole on these guns. Therefore, it is the exclusive responsibiliy of gun builder to make sure that this device ends up concentric enough with the barrel hole.

Minimal through-hole size, sleek OD design, and deep diamond pattern knurls
provide the optimum AK silencer look.

This suppressor will work with the PAP M85 as well.

Made in USA. Counts as 1 US922r compliant part.